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Participate in the Lips challenge!

Winners: @roxyvega

More about this challenge

This week, we challenge you to post YOUR picture featuring lips. Yours, hers, his, sensual or playful, naughty or tender, your lips will be the star of the week…

The theme has been chosen by The Pornostagram Team : « With this challenge everyone can post a close-up of their lips, kissing, leaking, smiling... we look forward to it! ».

To participate, post a picture corresponding to the chosen theme, and add the hashtag #lips.

This week, there will be two winners! The female user AND male user obtaining the highest number of likes will be featured in the « Who to follow » section, will be able to choose the theme of the next challenge… and last but not least, they will receive one free full length movie download from the site of our partner JM Productions*, Jerkoffzone!

The challenge ends on Friday 25th April (midnight). Good luck everyone!

*Award-winning production company, JM Produtions is specialized in wild, hardcore and SM pornographic films, featuring erotic humiliation and rough sex.

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