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This week, we challenge you to post YOUR picture featuring water. You can take a picture in your shower, your bath, a river, the ocean... and have fun with sensuality and fluidity.

The theme has been chosen this week by the Pornostagram team: « With this challenge everyone can post a picture of themselves, alone or accompanied, with or without a sex toy duck! ».

To participate, post a picture corresponding to the chosen theme, and add the hashtag #water.

This week, there will be two winners! The female user AND male user obtaining the highest number of likes will be featured in the « Who to follow » section, will be able to choose the theme of the next challenge… and last but not least, they will receive 1 month of full, all-site access to Private*!

The challenge ends on Friday 18 April (midnight). Good luck everyone!

*Private Media Group is a leading producer and provider of adult entertainment and owner of the iconic PRIVATEâ„¢ brand. They distribute their extensive library over a wide range of platforms and on all devices.

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