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With a face like stone, the father left his daughter's room and went to the kitchen. He took a long knife out of a drawer and stabbed it into his heart. Once, and again a second time. Some time later, a servant found the lifeless body in a vast pool of blood. The count was buried together with his daughter next to his wife. Every year on the date of their death, a strange thick shadow lies over their graves. As if the rays of the sun did not have the power to break through the horror. (part 3)

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The child became a lovely young woman with her mother’s dark shining eyes and a smile that enchanted everyone. On the eve of her seventeenth birthday she felt a pain in her breast and was suddenly seized by a strange fever. Her condition worsened dramatically. Finally, she fell into a delirium. Stammering words and odd sentences. The doctors tried everything but she got weaker and weaker. Long before the sun could sweep away the darkness, her heart stopped beating in the dead of night. (part 2)

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The fortune could not have been bigger. Countess Guidi was pregnant and the birth of her first child was highly anticipated. But during the birth serious complications arose. Under most difficult conditions the child could be delivered. However, the hardships put so much strain on the countess that she did not recover and finally passed away. With a heart full of pain, the count was left alone with the little weeping baby (part 1)

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