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I am the owner of @estefaniavelasco, but a hacker broke into my life, and when he discovered that he had hunted, erased all my posts, and finally my account. Lover rock, metal, video games, art and animals.

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1 week ago estefania_velasco

Next week ends my first semester, and the hard tests begin. I send this photo from the library. #boobs #woman #withoutbra #redhead #lips #clothes #hot #sexy #tshirt #me #selfshot #public #teen #amateur

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  • 5d ago trocoloco @estefania_velasco síii yo tengo único examen ya al caer sin fecha aún, pero inminente jaja me falta estudio pero bueno se hará lo que se pueda y si no a esperar al año que viene :) - Reply

  • 6d ago robin201 um... que guapa pelirrojilla!!! - Reply

  • 6d ago sexyricky69 @estefania_velasco your welcome if you have to study men body im all yours and by the way you are gorgous and so sexy !!! - Reply

  • 6d ago hillzz @estefania_velasco nooo gracias a ti! ;) - Reply

  • 6d ago estefania_velasco @hillzz thank you :) - Reply

  • 6d ago hillzz Soo nice, beautiful and sexy picture! @estefania_velasco - Reply

  • 6d ago estefania_velasco @uplustspain jajaja muchas gracias! :3 <3 - Reply

  • 6d ago estefania_velasco @papelonconlimon gracias <3 - Reply

  • 6d ago estefania_velasco @trocoloco Estamos todos igual eh jaja - Reply

  • 6d ago estefania_velasco @sexyricky69 hahah thank u :) - Reply

  • 1 week ago uplustspain Bonito canalillo demostrando lo sexy q eres!! ;) como provocas señorita <3 - Reply

  • 1 week ago papelonconlimon eres hermosa princesa! - Reply

  • 1 week ago trocoloco ojala compartiéramos biblioteca!!! de allí vengo ahora jaja <3 - Reply

  • 1 week ago sexyricky69 wow so hott and pretty love to study with you in this library - Reply