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3d ago undercoverotic

And now...maybe you prefer the close up version. #icouldntresisttho #amiwrong #onyourkneesboy #lickme #letsgivetheneighborsashow #nosnaps #pullittotheside #hands

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  • 16h ago roselinee2 Sabrosisima. - Reply

  • 19h ago undercoverotic Really? Well I think I want you to taste it too....;) #conundrum @mastercarni - Reply

  • 20h ago mastercarni Wow I really wish that was right in front of my face #iwanttotasteit - Reply

  • 1d ago llippe What a picture! - Reply

  • 2d ago forsensuality Aaaah I'm glad to hear that about close-up ! I totally feel the same as you :D Eheh I like to notice everything, I like to comment about what you didnt want to show at first, the lil details, and I always have in mind you have way more than just a pretty pink pussy to offer us <3 The idea of having my hands on those cheeks and then pull your all body closer to me ... sure had an effect on that hardness.Let me be your incube then and be glad to serv you as a demon ... I need to ! - Reply

  • 2d ago undercoverotic I don't find that crazy at all! I'm not a big fan of close-ups either. I like to see my the whole package. And bodies and other "non sexual" parts turn me on more usually. I like that you noticed more than just my pussy. :3 maybe you can imagine slipping your hands underneath my ass cheeks. Lifting me towards you and your hardness. I like when I see a man turn into a demon for me. Wow, is it ever a turn on! ;) 3:) @forsensuality - Reply

  • 2d ago forsensuality I usually not am a big fan of close up, but yours is really nice ! You mind find that crazy but I enjoy the way your sexy ass cheeks are pressing on the ... chair? eheh :p But well sexy as always ... but wait ... I told you not to tease angels like that ! You gonna turn all those people into horny sexual demon that will fall for their vices you make them grow ! 3:) - Reply

  • 2d ago richierich69 @undercoverotic i know you love me :P like i love you and your pics honey :* pls more like this :p - Reply

  • 2d ago crazyglue @undercoverotic Oh yes I am tempted by you ! like the others 6 000 followers you have !! ;) - Reply

  • 2d ago undercoverotic Wow- babe- you are tempted by me? I'm flattered...<3 I'll watch you, babe @crazyglue - Reply

  • 2d ago undercoverotic Oh. Yes,baby. <3@cuoreamico - Reply

  • 2d ago undercoverotic Baby, please get your taste buds ready. I love sex! ;) @mikk - Reply

  • 2d ago undercoverotic Gave you read my mind, baby. Better start low and watch my eyes, my reaction to your love. I can tell that you would please me...I know this ;) @swedex - Reply

  • 2d ago undercoverotic K, boy...I want you now and everytime I request you. EVERYTIME! You know what I want. I love that you innately know this. You have that "mature" sense that I love and crave, no embarrassment. Only pleasure. Tell me what you want....I will fulfill your desire, boy...3:) @little_devil_1 - Reply

  • 2d ago undercoverotic A clean waxed pussed is the best pussy to eat.....3:) @toly_b - Reply

  • 2d ago undercoverotic Oh....I love to see you in my comments too, so we are both happy. :3 @richierich69 - Reply

  • 2d ago undercoverotic Noooooo!!!! No fainting...:p I'll pick up up andburse you back to health ;) @acrab - Reply

  • 2d ago toly_b Delicios looking pussy, so clean ;) - Reply

  • 3d ago some1guy OMG soooo hot. I shouldn't be looking at this at work. I'm going to have to punch myself in the dick to make my hard on go away! - Reply

  • 3d ago swedex would love to kiss your inner thighs, tease you real good before i reach your lovely silky smooth pussy ;) :3 - Reply

  • 3d ago legolas1020 Perfection! What a beauty! - Reply

  • 3d ago richierich69 @undercoverotic OMG *__* love this pic of the day babe :* - Reply

  • 3d ago bearcub Holy Fuck U!!! No snap required! Just hold it there... just like that!! While I start by sliding my tongue between those luscious lips. My tongue muscles aching as I stretch them as far as I possibly can to venture deep inside my favourite desire. Tasting your sweet juices, feeling your clit stiffen as I myself do so. I want to burry my face and kiss and slurp as I reach up and push that sexy lace away from the best nipples ever. Between my fingers I massage and twist until U groan with delight. Your juices saturating my lips telling me you're ready. Ready for me to slide deep inside U and now so hard and erect easily lift you from the chair. Your legs wrapped around me, trusting me as I balance you over the balcony. You loosen your grip with trust so I may slide and pump back and forth, caressing and massaging your breasts. The thrill of being suspended floors above by only a railing and my aching, throbbing manhood. The weight and tension upon my rock hard desire exhilarates and strengthens me even more. No words describe this feeling SL. I can only hope the sensation is similar for U as I twist and pull your sweet buds sending the same inexplicable feeling thrU your entire body as U do mine. This feeling I have right now is UnBEARably amazing!! 3:) :lips: :p @undercoverotic #onlyyoUrpussylookssogreatcloseup #Ugotmeonmyknees #beggingUwontUplease #neighbourswatchingexcitesme #lickU #suckU #staeofsuspendederoticanimation #ohhhUdothingstomeicantexplain - Reply

  • 3d ago little_devil_1 Oh my... I love it so much when you call me "boy"... I can't resist either Mrs U... mmm... my lips on your lips, lustful fusion, perfect unison, watching your eyes all the times as I make your rose bud dancing on my tongue, I see your teeth biting your lips, your hand squeezing your breast, your fingers pinching your nipple, your love is filling me, it's so sweet, so smooth, so silky... I know you missed me and craved that moment, so much juice and so quickly... gosh, I missed the sweet taste of your flower so much, it's like heaven on earth, i'm so glad you're back <3 #youareneverwrong #ihopetheneighborswherewatching #imyourboy - Reply

  • 3d ago acrab I do .......sorry I just fainted ;) Im speechless - WAUW !!!!!! The dream we all dream of - U got the look :) #perfectstartingpointforabalconyfuck - Reply

  • 3d ago unhomme You give me hot @undercoverotic !! - Reply

  • 3d ago mikk Omg... amazing. Sure I'm on my knees for you... I wanna a taste @undercoverotic :* - Reply

  • 3d ago crazyglue And what a sweet pussy... wow so tempting! - Reply

  • 3d ago crazyglue I like both versions, since you are so sexy in that red lingerie ! - Reply

  • 3d ago cuoreamico very beautiful...many kisses and lick... I fuck your …kiss - Reply

  • 3d ago mickeysstick mmmmm your pussy is beautiful, I'd love to give it a long soaking wet french kiss - Reply

  • 3d ago sexx_appeal Oh yes baby!!! Open for me please :* mmmh - Reply