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A couple exploring new ways to be together. Unfortunately, we don't have as much time as we'd like, so we closed all of our non-Uplust accounts, but fear not! This one is alive and well :)

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4d ago cassandra_k

i'll admit, it's a bit embarrassing how much i #moan sometimes... but what can i do, when i like something, i can't hide it :3 #amateur #anal #couple #ass #cock #feet #toes #balls #makinglove #shaved #pussy #asshole #naguzena #guzica #obrijana #picka #kurac #jaja #supak #stopala #naprcena #<3

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  • 1d ago foreskin I like it too! - Reply

  • 1d ago grim_grimon Sound so nice and it's very good video, super horny moan and very excited i like it keep sharing more of this video - Reply

  • 2d ago sex_couple87 Kao i uvijek odlicno,veoma dobro ga primas u guzu prlijepo je sve ovo gledati,pogotovo stenjanje i kako lijepo ulazi,fino je vidjet ovako da djevojka uziva u guzu da ga prima,zaista prelijepo¸;) - Reply

  • 2d ago marce Oh j'ai envie de baiser ton cul chérie - Reply

  • 3d ago chelys Don't care about your moans, they are one of the hottest thinks I heard/seen. If you ask me if I prefer to watch your video without sound or listen it without video I'll definitely choose to listen the audio. Your moans are the proof of how much you enjoy it :) The sexiest thing having sex is to listen her moans and watch her blessed look. <3 <3 <3 - Reply

  • 3d ago llippe Fucking horny! Your moans are the best :) And your dripping little pussy made my cock fucking hard! - Reply

  • 3d ago ynot1970 I love ur moans... - Reply

  • 3d ago hardnsweet your moaning is honey to my ears! And... look at how much you are dripping Cassandra... This is pure beauty and sexiness ;) - Reply

  • 3d ago irish38 Very good video.. your moaning got my cock so Hard - Reply

  • 3d ago little_devil_1 Beautiful video... I love to hear the sweet sound of your moans <3<3<3 - Reply

  • 4d ago saton We all love Your moaning baby so Hot all you are so so Hot mate me so hard - Reply

  • 4d ago mororoma So horny babe...amazing video - Reply

  • 4d ago hung_and_inked Damn that is HOT!! - Reply

  • 4d ago higadoman Que rico como se come todo el pico! - Reply

  • 4d ago adultsonly33 Wow! ?? - Reply

  • 4d ago gunther_allar The only embarrassing thing here is how much I wanna fuck that ass right now @cassanda_k - Reply

  • 4d ago anon88 i love your moans <3<3<3 - Reply

  • 4d ago ownem oh boy fucked really good! love your gaped pussy with juices pouring out and all the moans, you really know how to sit on cock :O - Reply

  • 4d ago loki_cuople69 Wow!!! - Reply

  • 4d ago depend that was so good! - Reply

  • 4d ago cassandra_k @renech <3 <3 <3 - Reply

  • 4d ago renech Hearing your moans is something very exciting, we can feel the pleasure you took... and also feel a little closer to you than through your amazing pictures... thank you ???? <3 - Reply

  • 4d ago malestrpr2 OMG amazing & those moans made it better Beautiful drippping cunt I wanted to lick it and lick those BALZ at the same time - Reply

  • 4d ago brandje Lovely moans sweetie ;) - Reply

  • 4d ago rgwolf nice <3 - Reply

  • 4d ago raferty For God's sake, richer thin - Reply

  • 4d ago anythingyouwant @cassandra_k I love watching your juices dripping out of your pussy as he fucks your fucking hot <3 - Reply