To post a video on Uplust:

• First, you need to be a Premium or VIP user. Click here to upgrade your account. Using the Premium, you will be able to upload videos up to 5min. 10min if you are a VIP Member. Please note that you will be also able to upload videos up to 1min if you are a (free) verified member.

• Click on the “Upload” button. If you are on your computer, the button is located in your top bar. If you are on your mobile phone, the upload button is the gold one with the camera in the footer. Once you click it, you should be able to see this screen:


• Click Upload a video and the “Upload a video” button.

• Now you can choose or record a video from your device. Please note that must be a short video to make the uploading process faster. Here are the size and file type requirements:

  • Your video file size can be up to 200MB.
  • We accept MOV, MP4, M4V and AVI files.
  • We DO NOT accept photos or animated GIF files.
  • Your photo will be automatically scaled for display in your expanded Uplust post and in your user gallery.

Photos and videos uploaded by broadcasters may be free to view or have a Lust price required to unlock them.

Note: If you are on iPhone or iPad, please use Safari rather that Chrome for iOS to upload your videos.

• Once a video is selected, you will see it appearing on screen. Click next.

Editing a video?

You can crop or trim a video once you select it, as shown on the following screen:


• Once you edited your video and clicked “Next”, insert your legend and your tags.

Make your video premium

• In the same window, choose if you want to make money with your video. Videos uploaded by users may be free to view or have a Lust price required to unlock them. To make your video premium, select the following option: “Ok, make it premium”. Then, enter the number of Lusts you want users to pay to see your post.


• Click “Post my video”. That’s it! Your video is now online!

Frequently asked questions:

How do I know if my posted video is premium?

Your premium video is blocked for every user. They can thee your video thumbnail but they have to unlock it to watch it. If you are logged in, the video is not blocked but you can see whether your video is Premium or not thanks to the lock icon (PREMIUM ) located next to the time of your post.


How do I delete a video?

You can delete a video by clicking or taping the x on the image thumbnail. Once the video is deleted, it will no longer be available from Uplust. However, please note that it may still be cached in some browsers, apps, and servers.

My posts are protected. Who will be able to see them?

Only approved followers will be able to see your photos and videos if your account is protected.

Will all videos appear in search?

Videos included in public account may show up in Uplust search results. Videos posted on private Uplust accounts and deleted videos will not show up in search results.

If I have a private account, what happens to my videos?

  • Your videos will still be viewable by your approved followers.
  • Videos previously shared by you when your Uplust account was public will display an error message to those who do not follow you.
  • If you don’t want anyone to see your videos on Uplust, you should delete them.