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A couple exploring new ways to be together. Unfortunately, we don't have as much time as we'd like, so we closed all of our non-Uplust accounts, but fear not! This one is alive and well :)

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1 year ago cassandra_k

ok, students, i got all of your #exams and now i'm gonna grade them with great attention :3 #amateur #ass #bigass #teacher #professorcassandra #pencil #toys #anal #heels #miniskirt #froggy #guzica #velikaguzica #profesorica #igracke #dupe #stikle #minica #<3

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  • 10 months ago chikotiko mmmmmm... - Reply

  • 1 year ago wojo What an amazing writing...! - Reply

  • 1 year ago lets_fuck I'm back to school @cassandra_k - Reply

  • 1 year ago chelys You are the best teacher ever, very smart, skilled, of many talent... I have lot to learn from you :* <3 - Reply

  • 1 year ago volcron Yes miss ????????? - Reply

  • 1 year ago zoom81 Bas mi je zao zasto ja nisam imao ovakve sexy profesorice :) - Reply

  • 1 year ago papito25 Mmm, i want to hold ur pen miss cassandra while u stroke and bite my hard latin cock for been a bad boy, and i will put all my tongue inside ur delicious anus while u said to me - Reply

  • 1 year ago psisar I don't care which subject you teach, i wanna learn it! - Reply

  • 1 year ago ownem lol this is fantastic! but be careful! if your students see you with that pen in your ass, they might realize you'd grade them less severely with something bigger up your tight hole ;) mmmm that's a pretty nice scene to imagine: you bent over your table grading the papers, while the line of pupils work your butt one by one... - Reply

  • 1 year ago cassandra_k @little_devil_1 i actually liked that idea very much! :D - Reply

  • 1 year ago little_devil_1 Oooh... Miss, can I hold your pen for you and help you write down our grades, I'll guide you with my hands on your ass cheeks, I might take the pen out of your ass to lick it a few times, but I promise to slide it back in straight away... pleeaase Miss, let me do it... <3 - Reply

  • 1 year ago showmesome Wishing my face was underneath that beautiful bottom - Reply