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My name is Natasha and I have 21 years old | No skype, no cam. I am here just for fun not for have a relationship or something like that | I live in Chihuahua, Mexico. <3

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3 months ago natashanep

Morning <3 What's your favorite part of my body? #boobs #ass #eyes #mouth #legs #face #things #nose #tits #amateur #teen #slut

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  • 1 month ago hunter9797 Hair, eyes, lips ,tits, breasts, hands, legs, feet, ass and Pussy, I love you all. - Reply

  • 1 month ago vainman Every part of you is perfect, my lady! I'd love ?????? to be your sex slave and be forced to lick your breasts, armpits, and pussy everyday. Not your lips though, I'd want someone whom you really love to be your boyfriend to kiss your precious lips. It's not worthy of me to claim your love, so if you only wanna use me as boy toy, that's fine too ??. - Reply

  • 2 months ago arubajake That's a long list but it's your come to bed eyes then your sexy lips, then your incredible breasts , which are perfect and I really mean they are perfect , then your hot firm ass followed by your sweet pussy, it's so low because I have not tasted it and then your delightful dirty mind. Xxxx - Reply

  • 2 months ago breastman08 Your breasts - Reply

  • 2 months ago skully Your face. You are beautiful and your body is perfect - Reply

  • 2 months ago elesedelese Tus ojos, tu mirar me intimida, pareces un ángel. Xx - Reply

  • 2 months ago stiff_19 Mm I love your cute smile and bubble butt babe! Follow me? ;) - Reply

  • 2 months ago francescoo Follow me!!! - Reply

  • 2 months ago arito69 tus senos que son perfectos! - Reply

  • 2 months ago spider3088 Me encantan tus tetatas y sus pezones tan bonitos <3 - Reply

  • 2 months ago caliboy4209 @natashanep i can't pick a certain part! It's all perfect! From your face to your toes! I would love to see your arch tho! Go look at my page and follow me. - Reply

  • 2 months ago leoroyali0724 Your eyes first and then your entire body. Cosita rica - Reply

  • 2 months ago rmantovani Delicious hot boobs, follown me baby? Lets cum toghether? - Reply

  • 2 months ago natashanep I love read your comments <3 - Reply

  • 2 months ago vix013 eres lo mas hermoso que he visto, y no se puede decidir una cosa pues todo el conjunto es bello y perfecto. es mas eres la causante de que el sol se oculte todos lo días, pues humildemente se retira pues no puede competir con tu belleza, y deja que tu nos ilumines a todos. eres una preciosidad - Reply

  • 2 months ago rictus Esa carita de ñina buena - Reply

  • 2 months ago roy_khann Your are all amazing!! - Reply

  • 2 months ago roy_khann Your are all amazing!! - Reply

  • 2 months ago roy_khann Your are all amazing!! - Reply

  • 2 months ago saitam20 Me gusta todo tu cuerpo y tu boca para q me la chupes - Reply

  • 2 months ago matiwhite @natashanep Existe alguna forma de que podamos hablar? - Reply

  • 3 months ago manu_rio @natashanep claro, me la pones igual de parada, por eso y por mas cosas que me gustan de ti, preciosa ;) - Reply

  • 3 months ago dangerousj @natashanep care to chat? - Reply

  • 3 months ago gintonic7 Los pezones duros, las tetas puntiagudas, ese culito respingon, sabrosa almejita y la boca. Tienes que hacer unas mamadas espectaculares - Reply

  • 3 months ago havenwolf Todo tu cuerpo pero tus lindos Pezones me vuelven loco hace que una llama se encienda en mi @natashanep - Reply

  • 3 months ago hilaroiusly Me encanta tu cuerpo entero, es hermoso pero si tengo que elegir me quedo con tu culito percecto, para chupar, nalguear y coger bien duro! - Reply

  • 3 months ago tonymonte94 Follow me i wanna chat ???? - Reply

  • 3 months ago gafa225 Pechos perfectos - Reply

  • 3 months ago hangi @natashanep my favorite part of you're body mmmh it's you're boobs but it's not important. You're charm is awesome this detail it's important. - Reply

  • 3 months ago mexicandickteen18 Manda mensaje ;) - Reply

  • 3 months ago mexicandickteen18 Que ricas tetas amor, eres la más hermosa y sensual ;) <3 - Reply

  • 3 months ago natashanep @matiwhite No, lo dudes pero que lindo <3 - Reply

  • 3 months ago natashanep @cristh93 Viva México! :* - Reply

  • 3 months ago natashanep @manu_rio te gustan paraditos? - Reply

  • 3 months ago natashanep @huntingcougars <3 - Reply

  • 3 months ago manu_rio Esos pezones bien paraditos nena, estas hermosa¡ - Reply

  • 3 months ago huntingcougars You will forever be my favorite - Reply

  • 3 months ago cristh93 Toda de tí, pero tus tetas... son lo mejor???? #MexicanasLasMejores - Reply

  • 3 months ago eu2k14 All parts... ;) - Reply

  • 3 months ago gera12343211 platicamos bb, sigueme nos podemos conocer más <3 - Reply

  • 3 months ago matiwhite Sos perfecta! La verdad que dudo que exita alguien tan hermosa. - Reply

  • 3 months ago nina_ninel tus tetas - Reply

  • 3 months ago bearcub Mmmmmm that's a tough one @natashanep i haven't seen anything yet I don't like! As for favourites, it would have to be how your soft tight pussy feels wrapped around me as I tweak and pull those awesome nipples while watching your beautiful eyes dilate! :p #pussy #nipples #eyes - Reply

  • 3 months ago adriandick Me encantas enterita, eres divina, me has puesto a cien, sigueme para chat y cumtributos - Reply

  • 3 months ago kotador @natashanep your angelic face! Makes a nice contrast with your naughtyness ;) - Reply

  • 3 months ago some1guy I'm in love - Reply

  • 3 months ago albert93 @natashanep claro que si preciosa - Reply

  • 3 months ago natashanep Te gustaría verlas más seguido? @albert93 - Reply

  • 3 months ago albert93 Tus tetas me vuelven loco - Reply

  • 3 months ago vic4you Mmmmm all of u bby gorgeous - Reply

  • 3 months ago littlejimmy i would need to see it all to make that decision... - Reply

  • 3 months ago uplustspain Mmmmmmm your tits ;) - Reply

  • 3 months ago dangerousj @natashanep your eyes, smile, and ass. That exact order. - Reply

  • 3 months ago moxko So forma, parecen tan suaves, y ese rosado <3 - Reply

  • 3 months ago natashanep You're so cute <3@acrab - Reply

  • 3 months ago natashanep O en, thank you <3@zooka - Reply

  • 3 months ago natashanep Que te gusta de ellos? <3@moxko - Reply

  • 3 months ago acrab Your smile - your tits - your amazing hard nibbles - your pure beauty @natashanep - Reply

  • 3 months ago zooka you are the most beautiful here! your boobs are awesome, id suck them all day long - Reply

  • 3 months ago natashanep <3 @legolas1020 - Reply

  • 3 months ago natashanep <3 @legolas1020 - Reply

  • 3 months ago moxko Buenos días preciosa, tus hermosos labios de tu conchita me vuelven loco - Reply

  • 3 months ago legolas1020 The whole package is perfect ;) - Reply