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Hi . Im from hong kong. Follow me n comment on my photos if u like it . Im in love with 50shades of grey now :$ B . D . S . M
Hong Kong

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3 years ago krusie09

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  • 2 years ago cucumis_pepo mmmm i want to suck that! nicee! - Reply

  • 3 years ago sam6891 I can see your asshole la - Reply

  • 3 years ago 8antos Lovely Krusie~ you re so hot! - Reply

  • 3 years ago alexk666 good girl! - Reply

  • 3 years ago krusie09 But they hvnt verified my ac yet ...-____- only verified ac can b allowed to upload video :'( - Reply

  • 3 years ago cccc1456 Waiting your new photo tonight @@ I hope it's video ^^ - Reply

  • 3 years ago krusie09 Actually there was some ky left on my butt gap lol - Reply

  • 3 years ago gunther_allar Loving the view here @krusie09 ! So hot! - Reply

  • 3 years ago pleomax @krusie09, sweat or pussy juice on yr ass? Anyway, seems u like and enjoy spanking, i would like to try it on u arrrrrr - Reply